Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday, dear me-ee.
Happy Birthday to me.
(Hopefully, I’ll hear this in 8-part harmony and sung by 100 voices at my chorale concert tonight.)

Today I went shopping, first for WineGuy’s nurse, then my hairdresser, and then for me. I got the better end of the deal. The nurse will get a cashmere sweater. The hairdresser will get a gift card to Saks. I got a Linda Lundstrom jacket and a fabulous new necklace! It’s a cinnamon zircon (real gem, not zirconia) set in 18K rose gold and surrounded by diamonds, which are set in 18K yellow gold. The pendant hangs from a gold wire neck instead of a chain. When I see WineGuy later, I’ll tell him what he bought me for my birthday.

Why doesn’t WineGuy buy these things himself? Because I was raised in the jewelry business, and I have very specific taste. When we got engaged, he told my dad to let me choose what I wanted. I designed my own ring, and I always choose my own jewelry. However, I always run it by WineGuy so he has some say in the matter. I am a spoiled brat … like my children.


5 thoughts on “44


    Your virtual gift from me is an airplane ticket (first class of course) across the pond to Jolly old England to visit our friend that I know you miss so, and then after a few days of alone time then Wine Guy (no kids) will meet you in France to do the wine thing.

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