I am a mess. I’ve had nasty-looking rash on my hands for several days now. Yesterday and last night the itching was so bad, it nearly drove me crazy. I went to the dermatologist today. She said I have a classic case of dyshidrotic eczema. I have hard bumps under the skin of some fingers (tops, bottoms, and sides) and on the back of one hand. This condition can be chronic, acute or recurring. I’ve had episodes before, but not this bad. This is the first official diagnosis; I thought it was warts. Ew. Recurrences are caused by emotional stress, heat and humidity, and environmental factors. Let’s see: stress? Check. Heat? Check. Humidity? Check. Environmental factors? They could be my soap or lotion or the dish soap or anything. The dermatologist prescribed a super-steroid, Vanos, and recommended I use special hand soap and cream by CeraVe. I’m supposed to switch dish liquid to Dove, instead of using whatever’s on sale at the grocery store.

What else? I’m still coughing and dealing with bronchitis. It’s been 6 weeks. I had to cancel singing in the seven chorale concerts next week. My doctor warned me I’d have another relapse if I didn’t take it easy. I’m sleeping a bit better, but I still have black bags under my eyes. I’ve had a recurrent yeast infection that just won’t clear up. Ew x2. And, I just got my period. Homerun.

Just shoot me.

4 thoughts on “Frankenmommy

  1. OH MY STARS!!!! What a lot on your plate.

    I won’t shoot you (I love you but you are not worth going to jail for) but I will send peaceful, healing, restful thoughts.

    I’m in the “get a mother’s helper” camp — or whatever you can do to take part of the load off.

  2. intresting bolgspot. your reminding me of my mother invincable and tired. chin up, alls good…

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