L.A., Briefly

We arrived in Los Angeles without incident two days ago. The flight was an hour late leaving Miami, but it made up the time in the air. The boys behaved very well on the 5-hour flight. They have been good for the most part here, but a little wild. Wizard sees his job as testing the limits of my and WineGuy’s patience every chance he gets. We’ve done a little sightseeing and even got to Venice Beach. Boy, the Pacific Ocean is COLD! Not at all like the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico near my house.

Jeopardy! news: I called the Jeopardy office yesterday. They told me that 13 people are scheduled to appear on Monday, July 30, 2007. The receptionist told me that there is a guy, who has already won three games, who will be the returning champion next week. Yikes!!! I also gave the Jeopardy office my guest list. Malibu Mom and her two daughters will be attending along with WineGuy, Wizard, and Wild Thing. Malibu Mom’s nanny will watch Moose the two taping days. I am really grateful for her help; it ‘s the only way I could make all these arrangements work.

More later when I can. Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming!


3 thoughts on “L.A., Briefly

  1. Have so much fun. If you have time, go downtown, see Disney Hall, eat in Chinatown at Yang Chow or Empress Pavilian (dim sum) and check out the wacky galleries. Kiss the smoggy sky for me.

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