You Gotta Have Friends

For Melwint, whenever she reads it.

We picked up the boys from Sunday School and drove nearly an hour for lunch at Ledo’s Pizza. This is WineGuy’s favorite pizza place from his youth in Maryland. Ledo’s was an institution in College Park, near the University of Maryland, and subsequently grew popular enough to franchise.As we sat amongst the Terps  memorabilia, listening to the local  oldies station, all those hits of the 1970s made me think of Melwint.

Melwint was my best friend in high school, and we were inseparable. We sang together, performed in musical theater together, hung out together, and laughed a lot. After graduation, we went off to different colleges but still kept in touch. She never finished college, and I went on to law school. My last good deed for her was serving as the maid of honor at her wedding. I didn’t like her husband, and he didn’t like me; so, Melwint and I drifted apart. I hear from her from time to time, especially around high school reunion time. I just sent her an email about my upcoming Jeopardy! appearance. She wrote back and told me her father just passed away. [Her mother died when Melwint was 12. Her dad and her stepmom, Janwint, raised her and her two younger brothers.] I was sad to read of her loss. I could tell she was feeling lonely, too.

Melwint’s been on my mind a lot lately. Hearing all those Eagles, America, Beach Boys, and disco hits reminded me of the great times we had sneaking off campus for lunch — in the Scream Machine — and in chorus class, in rehearsals for all-school productions, and at cast parties afterwards. Music brings me back to you Melwint . . . always.


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