In school, the kids have something called “DEAR” time: Drop Everything And Read. It’s a way for the teacher to promote reading for pleasure and to quiet things down.

We had a little DEAR time here in The Zone this evening, but it took a while. The boys were totally riled up during and after our Rosh Hashanah dinner. I guess the raisin challah and the honey made them crazy. They completely lost it: laughing, yelling, running around in circles. WineGuy looked at each other and shook our heads. “The inmates have taken over the asylum,” I quipped. “Honey, I think we’ve lost control of the situation,” he replied drolly. We decided the best remedy was to feed them dessert because they needed more sugar. Of course.

Once we cleared the dinner dishes and cleaned up, there was nothing to do. The [expletive deleted] Cablecard® on the very expensive, PITA plasma television died. Of course. WineGuy sat down in his chair and picked up the local paper. I sat down in my chair and read The New York Times. Wizard grabbed a new novel. Moose was bored, tired, and whining, so I suggested he join us and read. Wild Thing was bouncing around noisily like Tigger. In the time it took WT to settle down (15 minutes), Moose happily read three books: Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late, Stellaluna, and Today Is Monday In Louisiana. WT bounced around some more, bringing over three preschool books in a row — he’s 8 — until he finally settled down with an appropriate book.

And, it was quiet. Quiet. Q-U-I-E-T. For a long time.

Moose reluctantly went to bed after reading for 30 minutes. Wild Thing unexpectedly read for 30 minutes and went to bed quietly, too. WineGuy shooed Wizard upstairs after an hour. And it’s still quiet. Bliss.

I love DEAR. Soon we’ll try DEAD*.

*Drop Everything And Draw 😉


5 thoughts on “DEAR

  1. L’shanah tovah, Me, any holiday that involves honey and sweet foods is a GREAT celebration :} You should put your recipes in your food blog.

    and Q-U-I-E-T!!! What does “nothing” sound like??

  2. The first time Wizard came home from school and talked about “dead” time, I was flummoxed. I’m spending $$$$$ on private school tuition, and they’re playing dead? Then, he explained it. I laughed and laughed.

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