Mixed Up Meals

We fasted from Friday evening to Saturday evening in observance of Yom Kippur. Instead of going to the very last service, we decided to break-the-fast according to our usual schedule (6:00P to 6:00P). Completely breaking with tradition, we drove up to our favorite Southern food restaurant, Flora and Ella’s, in Labelle, Florida. We were so famished by the time we got there that we ordered waaaaay too much food. WineGuy and I had their fabulous fried chicken. He had fried okra (blech!) and corn nuggets with his; I had mashed potatoes and coleslaw with mine. Wizard’s myopic eyes were much larger than his stomach. He ordered fried green tomatoes, a large bowl of Hoppin’ John (ground beef, black-eyed peas, rice, onions), and chicken pot pie, his all-time favorite food. Moose insisted on eating an entire order of fried green tomatoes, himself, before his chicken pot pie ever arrived. Of course, we were all so thirsty, that we drank gallons before the food ever came.

When our entrées arrived, Wizard was looking a little green. He pushed the pot pie away. Moose took three bites of his pot pie and declared, “I’m full’. Meanwhile, my skinny kid, Wild Thing, was slowly devouring everything on the table. He was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. WT ate:

  • half a chicken pot pie
  • half a large bowl of Hoppin’ John
  • one biscuit with butter and honey
  • three fried green tomatoes
  • four chicken nuggets
  • a whole plate of french fries,
  • several glasses of lemonade, and
  • several pieces of homemade fudge: peanut butter-chocolate, chocolate-mint, chewy praline

Flora and Ella’s is known for their homemade pies, so we reserved three of our favorites to take home. There were coconut cream (WineGuy’s favorite), pecan (my favorite), and Dutch apple (everyone’s favorite). Oh, and some more fudge. By the time we rolled home Saturday night, everyone was headed for a food coma so we fell into bed.

Sunday morning dawned grey and rainy, very unusual for this time of year. I slept in while WineGuy drove the boys to Sunday School. I was just moving when WineGuy got home, so he started coffee and “breakfast” for us. Not eggs or bagels or anything normal like that. We had dessert for breakfast . . . fresh coconut cream pie! Well, it has eggs and milk and a crust, so that’s equivalent to an omelet and toast, right? Just wait. It gets better. We read the Sunday papers, watched the morning talk shows, and did the New York Times crossword puzzle. WineGuy picked the boys up from Sunday School and gave them lunch: leftover chicken pot pie and fried green tomatoes from the night before. It poured nearly the whole day, and we were stuck inside watching the still screwed-up television. Somewhere around mid-afternoon, Moose was foraging in the refrigerator for something to eat – you know . . . door wide open, cold air spilling out, child staring and waiting for an epicurean epiphany. WineGuy shooed him out of the refrigerator and fixed a snack for everyone. Wine and cheese all the way around! The boys had a good time snacking on bits of cheese and drops of wine. It just made me sleepy. Long about 6:10 p.m., I realized we needed to feed the boys dinner. WineGuy planned the menu again: French Toast. Not any ordinary French Toast, but delectable Dark Chocolate French Toast from the artisanal dark chocolate bread.

Voila! Dessert for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, and leftovers for lunch. Now I need to figure out what we’re eating for dinner tonight. Poached eggs? Hmmmm.


3 thoughts on “Mixed Up Meals

  1. When I had a Jewish roommate, I would never “fast” with her, but I always looked forward to helping her break the fast (often at a favorite Chinese restaurant)

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