Mooseless Tooth

My baby lost his first tooth yesterday. One of Moose’s lower front incisors had been wiggly for a long time, and he was anxious for it to come out. Moose liked to wiggle it, but he carefully obeyed his dentist’s instructions not to pull it out. It fell out at school. The school nurse gave him a cute, little, white tooth container to hold his precious prize.

When I picked him up at school that afternoon, he flew across the playground right into my arms.

“Mommy, look!” he exclaimed. He thrust out his lower jaw, and there was a hole right in front.

“That’s amazing! You lost your tooth!” I replied as I gave him a giant hug.

Moose forgot to put the tooth under his pillow last night. It’s no wonder because we were out late at Sukkot services. When we got home from school this afternoon, I handed him the tooth box and sent him right up to put it under his pillow. I told Moose that a lost tooth sends out a radar signal to The Tooth Fairy. WineGuy said that TF uses the latest technology and must have dental GPS by now. 😉 Fortunately, Moose complied and went to bed nicely this evening. We’ll sneak up there later and swap a poem and a dollar for the tooth.

Here’s my Tooth Fairy poem.



The Mother of the Toothless Moose


5 thoughts on “Mooseless Tooth

  1. OMG! Why didn’t I think of you before?? If only I had, I could have redeemed myself as a better mother….Macy lost her first two teeth, um, last December. But, after giving all of her sparkle, her flowery, curly script, and her gushing poems of love and adoration to big brother, she had absolutey ZERO ZIP left. So, guess what? Poor Macy has still not had a visit from the Tooth Fairy and has given up all hope. So, where did you get the cute bordered paper and the adorable fairy? How can I do this? Why is everything so hard???

  2. My first born is plagued with the same “save everything” desease that I have. He also loves money. So imagine his dilemna when his first tooth fell out and I explained how the tooth fairy system worked. The desease won over the love of money. He said he would pass. He wanted to keep his tooth. So . . . in our house, the tooth fairy comes, but she is greeted by a note that says “Please Do Not Take This Tooth.” She kindly leaves a dollar, and the tooth.

  3. dental GPS
    that’s very funny

    Moose didnt’ even have to go geocaching to get treasure, the TF just delivered the booty to his pillow

    oh to by young again

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