Where’s The Soup?

I confess: I have a well-stocked pantry. Martha Stewart convinced me, early on, that the key to feeding your family well – and easily – is the pantry. I follow her advice and regularly lay in stores of staples: pasta, rice, canned tomato products, canned beans, canned and dried soups, olive oil, vinegars, cereals, two kinds of flour, several kinds of sugar, etc. It pays off because I can usually whip together dinner based on meat or chicken in my freezer and things from the pantry. My personal adaptation of this is to keep a running grocery list in a kitchen drawer. I thought I trained all boys, large and small, to write requests or re-stock items on the list as they’re used up.

This morning, after an expensive visit to Sam’s Club, I decided to make pot roast in the crock pot. I don’t have a favorite recipe, but I created one from 2 other recipes in my Southern Living Slow-Cooker Cookbook. The key ingredient was dried onion soup mix, which I always keep in the house. No problem. I sliced up a few mushrooms and a giant onion and threw them in the crockpot. I put the meat over top and seasoned it with a little pepper. I scavenged the pantry for the box of dried soup mix, and it was not there.

“Where’s the damn soup mix?” I growled to myself.

Then it occurred to me: WineGuy must have used up the last of the onion soup mix when he made himself a little dip, using up the last of my sour cream the other week. I arrived at this brilliant deduction because I remembered wanting to use said sour cream to make mashed potatoes that night. Instead, I found the container filled with beige, funny-smelling stuff . . . onion dip. Like any good cook, I improvised the potatoes that night, and I improvised my pot roast this morning. I dashed over to the computer and Googled my way over to Recipezaar. Their recipes called for minced dried onion or onion flakes, which I do not keep in the house. I have whole onions, though, and made do with those. It looks like I have to conduct a remedial workshop in foodstuff maintenance and telephone messaging. Write it down, men! Your joint and several memories suck.

Neener, neener! It’s 11:00 a.m. My dinner’s in the crockpot. I only hope it will taste good. If it does, I’ll post the recipe on my food blog, which I need to move over to WordPress. Hmmm, another creative way to waste time.


One thought on “Where’s The Soup?

  1. It should be fine. I don’t usually use the soup mix for my pot roast when I make it in the crockpot. Did you add some red wine to it? That’s my secret. 🙂 I prefer the fresh onions to flakes too.

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