i have an iPod. it’s a mini.

i’ve had it for about 3 years, which means it’s pretty outdated. but, it’s mine.
when i got it, i loaded a few songs on to it.

then, i never used it. ever.

at one point, wizard swiped it, thinking he should have it since i don’t use it. i made him give it back.

tomorrow, i leave for a short trip for the august96 moms’ reunion in san antonio. i need to practice my chorale music, which i have in iTunes in my computer. i downloaded the chorale music and a bunch of other music into the iPod. several times. because i had no idea how to use it. what should have taken me ten minutes took me over an hour.


at long last, i came over to wordpress to write about this little incident. i wrote, edited, and saved this post, but still it didn’t appear on my home page. i finally realized that my timestamp was wrong. i never changed it from utc time (greenwich mean time). wordpress cannot publish a post that is later in time than what’s registered. duh.


(apologies to e e cummings)


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