Middle School Merengue

[Note: that’s meh-REN-gay, not meh-RANG].

One of the notices I missed while I was away was the one about a middle school dance recital today. I think Wizard deliberately lost it so I wouldn’t be there. However, I found the notice posted online and went anyway.

At the beginning of the school year, the middle school coach announced that there would be a 3-week ballroom dance unit in P.E. this year. Most of the parents were incredulous; the rest were skeptical. None of us believed they’d get the 6th-graders to cooperate, let alone succeed at the task. The kids proved us all wrong at today’s recital. They swing-danced, cha-cha’ed, waltzed, and merengued through an hour-long recital at school this afternoon.

First, the 6th graders demonstrated a dance, then the 7th-graders danced, then the 8th-graders. It was amazing to see the difference in confidence and maturity between the three grades. With the 6th-graders, the boys reluctantly took the girls’ hands but did not look at them. The 7th-graders held hands and occasionally looked at their partners. The 8th-graders were so confident and poised. In each class, the boys were matched, by height, with the girls, for the most part. One glaring mismatch was Miss Volleyball paired with a boy who barely came up to her waist. It was too funny. Wizard’s partner was nearly as tall as he is, and she was a pretty good dancer, too. He did a terrific job of mastering the steps and keeping time with the beat. He was a bit stiff and nervous. I was afraid he’d step on his partner’s feet, with his men’s size 12 dress shoes!

In my continued torpor, I forgot my camera. Fortunately, my friends took plenty of pictures of Wizard because he danced right in front of us. I’ll attach photos of Waltzing Wizard as soon I get them.


6 thoughts on “Middle School Merengue

  1. Isn’t it fun to see them dancing like that? Dancer Girl did the whole ballrrom dancing class thing last spring. The parents all huddled anxiously outside the doors during the final big party (we weren’t allowed in!). Dancer Girl’s biggest concern was being paired with a boy who was shorter than she was, but it only happened once in the rotation that evening. I’m glad to hear Wizard provided a pleasant surprise with his dancing skills!

  2. I hope they still have that program when MoJo is in 7th grade!

    P.S. Thanks for the pronunciation assistance, I wasn’t even close to your wrong example!

  3. lol! Sportsboy has already informed me that he hopes he has to leave early for his trip to Sweden this year because he does NOT want to have to dance the waltz at the year end dance fest with a girl!!! I then reminded him about the very sweet tradition that after dancing with a classmate, he then has to dance with me – and that I have been looking forward to that day since kindergarten. 🙂 See..I can do guilt too 🙂

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