Don’t Be An Ass

The Amazing Race” returned to TV last night. It’s the 12th edition (season?) of this eye-opening and adventurous race around the world. I hope the show won’t be affected by the writer’s strike. My vast limited knowledge of television production leads me to assume that the race has already been completed and the winner determined. Eleven very diverse teams sprinted away from the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles to begin the great race. Their first destination was Ireland, which looked as misty, green, and enchanting as I’ve read.

The funniest, and clearly most pivotal, task in last night’s race was to lead a peat-laden donkey up a path to a hitching post at a farm in Connemara. Several teams had trouble getting their donkeys going. Some donkeys just stopped dead in their tracks, and most contestants found a way to coax their little asses along. One team that got utterly stuck was Ari and Staella. They pushed; they pulled; they screamed; they threatened; and they coaxed, but they couldn’t move their little ass. At one point the poor thing “hee-hawed” loudly in protest. While Ari and Staella started the donkey leg in 5th place, their collective asininity brought them in dead last. They were the first team eliminated from TAR, Season 12. They got their just reward because, earlier in the day they stole a taxi which another team had pre-ordered by phone while en route to Ireland. The other team was incensed, but they coped. Ari and Staella gloated, and in the end “Ari and Staella [felt] karma’s wrath.”

The Day I Met Kel: Day 5, NaBloPoMo 2006

3 thoughts on “Don’t Be An Ass

  1. Great idea, looking back to last year’s NaBloPoMo.

    TAR is one of my favorite shows. I’m glad I got to tune in last night. I didn’t realize it was going to be on. We were relaxing after dinner last night, flipping through channels, and caught it just as it came on.

    Karma has a way of going around on that show, that’s for sure.

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