Fall in Florida

As Calvin so beautifully described in her recent post, fall has finally come to Southwest Florida. That means humidity has dropped from the 90th percentile to somewhere around the 45-60th percentile. Temperatures have fallen from the high 80s and low 90s to balmy 70s near 80 during the day. Evening temperatures are now in the chilly 50s, where they had been hovering around 75 and humid a few weeks ago. In fact, I turned off the air conditioning in the house and opened up all the windows yesterday. I can breathe again, and it feels glorious.

Other signs of fall in Southwest Florida:

  • fully loaded car carriers arriving daily and clogging traffic as they disgorge their Midwestern cargo
  • increased numbers of vehicles bearing out-of-state plates (Florida’s version of “zonies”)
  • increased traffic everywhere, including in the grocery store
  • the citrus market just opened
  • the good produce stand just opened
  • wood storks flying over my house
  • ibises wandering through the neighorbood
  • Lowe’s just put up its Christmas tree tent
  • I’m planning my Thanksgiving menu

I  really need to wrap the Jeopardy! posts, but I  must tend to my mountains of  laundry first.


6 thoughts on “Fall in Florida

  1. When I was working in the pharmacy, this was the time of year when we transferred large numbers of prescriptions to pharmacies in Florida. All our snow birds would fly south for the winter, leaving in November and coming back in March.

  2. Fall in Florida sounds lovely! I lived in Arizona for a few years, and I remember how nice it was in November when the temps would be in the 80’s.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Visiting a fellow nablopomer every day is a great idea, I think I’ll take up the practice as well. 🙂

  3. ah yes, i remember fall in miami. the old ladies would break their furs out of storage, to be worn when the weather hit a brisk 60 in the evening. and me, a northern transplant (at the time; i couldn’t take it after two years and moved back to a nasty city), walking around barefoot and laughing at them “because its just not cold!”

    something surreal about christmas palm trees…

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