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Radio Mom will attest that I’ve had a jones to work in radio for a long time. She told me to write up a piece about appearing on Jeopardy!, and she would consider airing it on the local NPR station. I’d also like to do voiceover work for television, but I haven’t the faintest idea how to start. The stark reality is that neither is going to happen anytime soon.

Bunny Bubblette’s and Calvin’s recent posts about radio and music got me to thinking about what is pre-programmed on my radio dial. My car radio has five buttons which can be programmed for ten stations. I do not have satellite radio because I don’t think I need it. Here’s what my radio is tuned to:

  1. NPR
  2. Adult contemporary
  3. Hot adult contemporary
  4. Hot adult contemporary
  5. Rhythmic contemporary hit radio
  6. Adult contemporary/Oldies
  7. News/talk (conservative talk radio)
  8. Classic rock
  9. Smooth jazz
  10. Variety hits

Now that I look at the list, I need to look into satellite radio, at the very least to listen to some centrist or liberal talk shows. (Local feeds broadcast the nauseating conservatives: O’Reilly, Rush, Diane Ingraham, Neal Bortz, Glenn Beck .) Nearly half of my pre-sets are some variety of adult contemporary. BORING! At least by looking at the local Arbitron ratings, I learned that there is a progressive station in the area. I’m going to have to check it out. If you have satellite radio, which service do you use? Do you like it, and would you recommend it?

What’s on your radio dial?

Mid-Term Elections: Day 8, NaBloPoMo 2006

5 thoughts on “On The Radio

  1. I listen to XM Radio most of the time. I am very sure we would pre-program completely different stations. XM is great, If I miss any of my favorite nauseating conservative talk show hosts, I can ususally find them on XM at a different time They also have more conservative talk show choices all at once!. Actually, I more often listen to a station called “Mix” which plays, oddly enough, a mix of music, but mostly light alternative rock. At times I tune in the Comedy station and laugh my way around town. “Who’s on first, What ‘s on second . . .” On weekday mornings I listen to the Wall Street Journal morning report. On weekends, if the family is forced to drive rather than watch the sporting event de jur, we can ususally listen to the game on XM so we don’t miss any plays. XM is also great on trips . . . the station never goes out when you hit the next town. For fishing music , however, the local radio stations still rule!

  2. I originally bought Sirius satellite radio because I’m a huge Howard fan, but I quickly became a fan of their music stations as well. The best part is that there are NO COMMERCIALS!!! That one morning when my Sirius wasn’t working and I had to listen to regular FM radio for 15 minutes, I think almost the whole 15 minutes was filled up with commercials. It made me want to crash my car into a tree. On Sirius, when I’m not in the mood for Howard, I usually tune into “Classic Vinyl”, or sometimes “Classic Rewind.” I also have the 60’s, the 70’s and the 80’s stations set as presets, along with CNN and a couple of comedy channels. As Ramblingmom already mentioned, satellite radio is great for trips. For the 3 hour ride from my house to Bloomsburg, the only spot where I don’t have great radio is through the Lehigh Valley Tunnel.

  3. LOL! Like you need to ask me what is on my radio dial šŸ™‚

    1. XX Sports Radio…..

    ok, there actually is another one:

    2. Star94.1 which I listen to for the morning program of Jeff&Jer which has been on in San Diego for almost 20 years. I just love them and actually now know a lot of them in person as they live near me and have kids the same age as SportsBoy.

    But that’s IT! There was an Air America channel here on a rather low wattage am station but that is being pulled on Monday for…another sports station! Which I wont listen to. I have other loyalties (Coach Wolfie is an exec at XX). I mostly listen to Air American via the internet anyway since we get no radio signal here in the dungeon at work.

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