Today was another busy day preparing for Thanksgiving. After I dropped the boys at Sunday School, I came home and cooked all morning. I ran out briefly to pick them up and came back and cooked all afternoon. Fortunately, they cooperated by doing their homework so I could keep working. Today’s cooking projects included making turkey stock for turkey gravy, spinach-artichoke casserole,  peanut soup, and de-fatting and freezing the chicken stock I made last week. After I was done cooking for the afternoon, I typed Wild Thing’s snake report on the computer and helped him make a cover page for it. When all that was done, I had less than thirty minutes to shower and change to meet a friend for dinner. I got cleaned up, dressed, and pulled my soaking wet hair back into a ponytail. A little lip gloss and I was out the door.


My friend, Sprite, and I have been meaning to have dinner together for months. Her son was in Moose’s class at school last year and this year. I really enjoy her company because she is highly intelligent and literate. She has her undergraduate degree from Penn, a Master’s in Literature from Penn, and a Master’s in English language and literature from Oxford. Sprite teaches high school English at our private school. We always have great conversations about books, and I wish she’d join my book club. At any rate, we both took time out last night to have dinner and chat. We dined al fresco at a little bistro in the heart of the local dining and shopping district. The weather was glorious, breezy and mild. We paused for just a moment. Took time to sit quietly, have a glass of wine, and chat about everything and nothing. I would love to know her better, and I hope we can pause for another moment again soon.


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