ABC Meme

Wrekehavoc tagged me with this meme. The rules:

List a word that describes you for every letter of the alphabet. Offer as much or as little explanation as you wish. Please keep the words positive (for example, don’t use “fat” for F or “lame” for L), and feel free to get creative. Tag as many or as few people as you wish. Link back to your tagger and forward to your taggees.

A: Adept

B: Brave

C: Cat-lover

D: Damn good daughter

E: Everywhere

F: Foul-mouthed (gotta speak the truth)

G: Gourmand

H: Helpful

I: Independent

J: Jewish Jeopardy! champion

K: Kind of a snob

L: Loving

M: Married, mom

N: Nosy

O: Organized

P: Persuasive

Q: Queen of Tarts

R: Ready

S: Stubborn

T: Talented

U: “Unusually musically oriented. I associate people and situations with songs.” [plagiarized quoted from Wrekehavoc]

V: Very smart

W: Worldly

X: Xenophile

Y: Youthful looking

Z: Zaftig

I tag Squib, Mom of 4K, Stunt Mother, Paige, and Are We There Yet?

MLL thought “CIA-trained” meant the chef was a spy.

2 thoughts on “ABC Meme

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