Mom and Me

My mother has been here for the Thanksgiving holiday. She was reluctant to drive herself, but she decided to exercise her independence and did drive over here. Having her here has been a blessing and a bane. She was happy to see us and the boys. She was miserable without my father, and she let everyone know it. She tried to run things her way, until I told her “it’s my house, my kitchen, and my holiday. You need to work on my schedule.” She did so begrudgingly

Mom needs to be the center of attention right now, and it’s exhausting. Every time things don’t go her way, she snipes that she’s going home. Twice in the last three days WineGuy and I have had to coax her back to rationality and encourage her to stay a bit longer. She’ll leave tomorrow morning. Hopefully, she’s had a good visit with us and will want to come back again soon. In the meantime, here is a photo of Mom and me taken at Thanksgiving dinner.

Mom and Me 11/07

In other news, WineGuy is coughing nearly as badly as last year. He hasn’t been able to shake it in the last few days, and he’s still wheezing. I gave him my Advair 500 inhaler and told him to take it twice a day. If he’s not improved by Monday, I will insist he go see the pulmonologist. I don’t want a repeat of last year.

Why is it that the germs proliferate every year at this time?


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