Where In The World Is …?

While wasting copious amounts of time surfing the Internet last night, I came across some fun geography quizzes at Travelpod.com. Click on the map below and it will take you to the Traveler IQ Challenge.

World Map

Even though I consider myself geographically literate, I still have not been able to earn enough points to make all the way through the final level. My best effort earned me 46,000 points at the end of Level 11. Tell me how you did.


2 thoughts on “Where In The World Is …?

  1. I knew I was bad at geography, but didn’t realize how bad. I’m ashamed to admit how badly I did (didn’t make it to level 5). I’m going to work on my geography and try again.

  2. Okay, it cut me off at level 6, but I had 157,079 points and a travel IQ of 90. Not sure how to get to the higher levels…was I deemed not up to the challenge?!

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