Good Service, No Service

I bought a new Motorola RAZR2 phone from the local ATT store last month. After about 1 1/2 weeks, the phone would occasionally “go mute”: I would not be able to hear the caller, but s/he could hear me just fine. Increasingly over the last few weeks, this problem has recurred repeatedly until yesterday when the phone went completely mute. I had already decided I didn’t like the phone and wanted to exchange it for an iPhone. So, I took all the packaging and went back to the ATT store and asked for the exchange. They explained that my 30-day grace period had expired and they needed authorization for the exchange. I left my information with the store manager, and she called later that afternoon to tell me some good news. They authorized the “exchange” – I actually purchased the iPhone yesterday in anticipation of receiving a credit for my Motorola package . . . a little good faith, you know.

Today, I returned to the ATT store and spoke with the salesman who helped me yesterday. He had all the information ready to process the return, which he did gladly. Bingo! He issued a credit to my charge card and told me to go home and activate my new iPhone. Easier said than done. I’ve connected the iPhone to the computer only to find that ATT’s system is down and can neither authenticate my existing ATT wireless account or authorize my new phone. I’ve been holding for ATT Wireless Customer Service more than 15 minutes, and I am not amused. One hand giveth and the other taketh away.

I’m sure my iPhone will be great once I get it working.

Update: It took an hour on the phone, but I finally got the phone activated. Now, I’m having trouble syncing it. I didn’t want the phone to import all the data from my Apple programs. I must have clicked the wrong button.


3 thoughts on “Good Service, No Service

  1. Ugh! I love gadgets, but they make life SO complicated! We went through the whole cell phone carrier switch thing a few months ago, and we had to exchange our phones because Verizon Wireless lied to us about the monthly charges. I hate cell phone companies! They’re all big fat liars.

  2. I always assume that I’ll be on hold for customer “service” for quite some time, and plan accordingly. That’s the true reason speaker phones were made.

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