Resistance Was Futile

I love my new iPhone. I don’t know why I resisted buying one when they first came out, but I am happy I took that crappy RAZR2 back to the store. My husband and kids are secretly pleased I got the new phone, too. Apparently, Calvin has her eye on one, too. For a long-time Mac user, this phone is a dream. No hacks or work-arounds necessary to make the phone communicate with my iMac. No special cables or customer support needed. I found the answers to all my initial questions on Apple Discussions, for which I have been registered for years. Registration with Apple was a piece of cake, since I’ve had an account with them for years, too.

The 20-minute guided tour, whose link Apple sent to me when I registered the phone, was extremely helpful. I placed my phone in front of me and followed along with the demonstration. When I didn’t understand something, I stopped the clip and watched the segment again, until I got it. Of course, I find the iPhone’s whole interface completely user-friendly, even iCal. While I never was a fan of iCal on the home computer – because there was never an easy way for individual users in one system to share calendars – I love having the calendar on the phone. I spent the better part of yesterday adding events to my 2007-2008 calendar, including birthdays and anniversaries. I particularly like how I was prompted to program a reminder for every event. That way, I won’t miss an appointment . . . like the Room Mom meeting I missed in September or the eyebrow waxing I missed 2 weeks ago. I also had fun assigning ringtones to various people. I used stock ringtones for Calvin and BFF, music that reminded me of them. I downloaded a special one for WineGuy from iTunes and mastered the clip myself, using iTunes Ringtone Editor.

I no longer feel stupid.

Perhaps the best part about purchasing an iPhone is that you are welcome to take training classes at your local Apple store, regardless of where you purchased it. A big “thank-you” to Sulialto for that tip.


5 thoughts on “Resistance Was Futile

  1. Of course you should have an iPhone. All Jeopardy champions should have an iPhone.

    Don’t be surprised when you get a call from me while I am standing near by! I want to make sure you didn’t pick the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz for my ring tone!

  2. Calvin! That is too funny – now I need to know what your ringtone is on her phone!

    I am so glad you love it. Other readers should be aware of what a HUGE step this is from you. You, the one who refused cell phones for so long 🙂 Now you are cutting edge!

    I have many of those same features in my Blackberry and I love it. The calendar is a life saver and I recently assigned special tones to specific notifications so that I can tell the difference between a text vs yahoo mail vs gmail. I have not yet assigned personal ring tones, but this time of the year, everyone is Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer!!!! Yeah, I am that silly.

  3. iPhones totally rock. I only got mine because the H is gadget obsessed and used my need for a new mobile to rationalize getting one of these for each of us! But I love it–way better than any phone, including a BlackBerry, I’ve ever had.

    BTW, iCal is awesome for family calendars if you sync using .mac. It has changed my family time management for sure; we no longer fight about whether or not I told the H about commitments, etc. etc., because they show up automatically in his calendar. Genius.

  4. Calvin, that is sooooooooo funny! Well, only because my co-worker has me set to the “Wicked Witch” when I asked for “something from Wicked”. At least my phone rings with “Defying Gravity” when it rings.

  5. Ah, iPhone… color me envious!

    Howdy, and thanks for stopping by the Miss Music Nerd blog! I see we have a few things in common, including our blog theme! 😉 Also, I’m an Alto 2, too! 🙂

    I’m glad you liked the post on Hanukkah music — since I’m not Jewish, I was a little nervous about doing it right. Fortunately, music is a universal language! 🙂

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