Hanukkah Rocks!

13902630.jpgI was in Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon, killing some time. I wandered into the music department and was pleasantly surprised at the selection of Chanukah music CDs they had. I ended up purchasing two: Hanukkah Rocks, by The LeeVees, and A Chanukah Celebration, a compilation. I hopped in the car, popped in Hanukkah Rocks, and laughed my way back to school.

The LeeVees is an indie pop duo comprised of Adam Gardner of Guster and Dave Schneider of The Zambonis, neither of which I am familiar. Apparently, The LeeVees occasionally appear as a lead-up group for The Barenaked Ladies. They wrote eight silly songs in eight days about Chanukah. Although the songs are tongue-in-cheek, each has a cynically humorous bent about something Jewish: latkes, Jewish girls, kugel, timeshares. Any music that laughingly pokes fun at condos in Boca (or was it Boynton?) is worth a listen.

If you’d like more Chanukah music recommendations, head over to Miss Music Nerd — brought to you via Trees, Flowers, & Birds, who is sporting a festive holiday look. MMN has a wonderful post this week about all kinds of classical Chanukah music.

Whatever you’re celebrating this season, I hope it is filled with wonderful music.


6 thoughts on “Hanukkah Rocks!

  1. Thanks for the linky! 🙂

    I have a couple of Guster’s CD’s, btw. They’re very good, esp. “Lost and Gone Forever.” I also like that their fans call themselves Gusterroids!

  2. Nice new feet photo 🙂

    I feel like a matchmaker. When I posted the link to MMN, I was naturally thinking of you. Only after words when she pointed a few things out did I realize how very much you two have in common – including your wordperss themes 🙂

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