Teach Me Tonight

I understand the concept of using trackbacks or pings here in the blogosphere. I have no idea how to make them work? Can you give me some pointers? Also, I’d like to know how Miss Music Nerd got that Sonific MP3 player in individual blog posts.

Oh, and what do you do when you’ve used up all your space for images? Buy more? Edit the files?

Bloggers, please teach me some new skills!


3 thoughts on “Teach Me Tonight

  1. i still don’t understand how you make trackbacks etc work and haven’t bothered with it.

    i think the mp3 thing is similar to embedding a youtube video, you go to the original site and get a code to put in your blogpost

    my images are hosted by my ISP
    I FTP them to our domain and then link to them in the blogpost, haven’t run out of space yet, and dread the day….. shall read other’s comments with interest

  2. Yes, I did go ahead and buy more space for my photos through wordpress. It was so cheap and I’ve only used 5%

    Trackbacks are automatic. If in your own post you create a link to one of my posts for instance, that creates a trackback. It only works within the word press network but it’s cool that is automatic.

  3. Go to http://sonific.com/ — it’s pretty easy, you search for music you want (by artist, title, etc.) and it gives you the html code. There are a few steps involved, but it’s not hard.

    It’s more complicated if you’re uploading your own music. You have to wait for it to get approved (they want to be sure you really own it) THEN search for yourself and create the widgets… makes me feel like I have Multiple Personality Disorder sometimes… 😉

    At some point I’ll get the wordpress upgrade so I can upload mp3 files directly without that intermediate step.

    If you run out of upload space and you don’t want to delete anything or buy more space, you can use one of the photosharing sites, like photobucket. Might slow down the page load time for some folks, but I think trying to view pages with less-than-max-speed service is pretty masochistic…

    I don’t fully understand pings. I just know that when I put links in my posts, sometimes I’ll get a ping in a comment — it just shows that the site I linked “knows” about my link, I guess (so I have to think twice before talking shite about anyone! 😉 ). I got a ping from someone else linking my blog as well.

    🙂 Miss Music Nerd

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