Second Thoughts

I showed two of the three pieces to WineGuy last night. He liked them. When I told him about the bracelet, he blanched. The price is reasonable for what the piece is, but it’s still a lot of money for us to spend right now. He would prefer I not spend it. I’m having second thoughts. My plan all along was to give the deposit out of my own investment account and then pay for the rest of it from my Jeopardy! winnings. If I do that, and contravene WG’s wishes, it will certainly undermine his trust.

Hmmm, what to do, what to do . . .

P.S. Looking at the success of daily posting in November vs. sporadic posting in December, I will make an effort to post daily. That little calendar looks so pathetic with holes in it. 


4 thoughts on “Second Thoughts

  1. Well, of course I would love to see. I understand your dilema though. You don’t just want to do something because you CAN. It still should be a joint decision and you certainly would expect DH to give you the same consideration. Ack! But, shiny things!!!

    And I hear ya on the calendar thingy. I thought it was so cool so see each day go ‘bold’ when I would post in November that I have been unable to give that up in December. Must be that OCD side we both show now and then 😉

  2. Imagine WG buying himself a second car or Rolex that you did not agree to and thought was too extravagent at the moment. How do you feel? Then look at the bracelet again and ask if it is worth it? Also, it sounds like he didn’t say “No”, he said “Not now.” Maybe when the Jeopardy winnings arrive, they will seem more real?

    You wear WGs love and admiration wherever you go. Where are you planning to wear the bracelet?

  3. Welcome back! I was worried last night. I’m glad to see it was apparently just some mistake. I wonder if the “T word” in the name of your blog triggered some sort of alarm in some scanning program.

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