Baby, Baby, Where Did My Blog Go?

::growling:: I just finished writing a post about my blog disappearing, saved my work to continue editing. The system devoured the post and lost everything but the title. I’ll try again.

Dateline: December 12, 2007

Place: Cyberspace

The world woke up stunned to find Tales From the Testosterone Zone missing from the blogosphere. Fans far and near logged in to find that suspended or archived the blog for alleged violations of the Terms of Service. Inquiring minds from around the world e-mailed and called to ask, “what happened?”

Answer: I have no idea.

Actions taken: When I found out about the problem last night, I learned that Support was closed. As soon as it opened this morning, I sent them a support inquiry in a web-form. I also emailed support and called a number I found for Automattic, Inc., the parent company of and Shortly afterward, I received this message:

That was a mistake – your blog will have been mistakenly caught when other spam blogs were removed.

I can only apologise for this happening. It will not happen again.


Mark must be Mark Riley, listed as’s Support Maven. His bio and grammar clearly place him in Leicester, UK. I appreciate his immediate reply to my inquiry and thank him for his help.

Don’t. Do It. Again.

Just in case, click here for’s Terms of Service. Re-read them and/or read them for the first time carefully. You are bound by them. If you do not agree with what they say, then you should move your blog elsewhere.

In the immortal words of Basia Trzetrzelewska,

How dare you talk to me like that?
If you’re not careful I’ll get mad.
How dare you talk to me like that?
Let this be a warning!

It’s not nice to fool Alto2.


8 thoughts on “Baby, Baby, Where Did My Blog Go?

  1. Heh, and here I thought you were trying to sell Viagra or something. I mean, it would make sense, given the name of the blog! πŸ˜‰

    But seriously, welcome back. I was shocked, shocked to see you get wormholed.

    ~Miss Music Nerd

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