Duck, Duck, Dangerous

Wild Thing arrived home from Sunday School this morning sporting this look*:


WineGuy was incredulous, and I was furious. The Sunday School teacher allowed the children to play Duck, Duck, Goose in a small office space. WT ran around and hit his face on a desk. He chipped the left front tooth. The ADULT tooth. Wizard was smart and went right to the phone to call us, but the teacher stopped him, saying that WT was fine, not bleeding. WineGuy got to the Sunday School about 20 minutes after the injury and brought the boys straight home.

I called the kids’ dentist, Dr. Mark, right away. He called me back and told us to meet him in the office approximately 2 hours later. Normally, he doesn’t work on Sunday, but he’d just gotten another frantic call about a 17 y/o boy who smashed his face and teeth in a bicycle accident (drinking and “driving”). We arrived right on schedule but had to wait a while for Dr. Mark to finish with the teen. When WT’s turn came, he sat perfectly still for the x-rays, which thankfully showed no further fracture of the root or tooth, other than the obvioius. Closer inspection revealed that WT slightly chipped the other front tooth as well.

Dr. Mark cleaned the broken tooth well and then bonded it with a matching resin. WT laid perfectly still as Dr. Mark fixed the tooth. WineGuy served as the dental technician, while Moose fell asleep in my lap. Here’s the result:


I’m impressed. The tooth color matches perfectly. On really close examination, you can see a fine white line where the tooth was fixed. Dr. Mark told us that Wild Thing will likely break the repair once or several times before he’s finished growing enough for a permanent cap or crown. (We should be prepared.) WT goes back for another check early Tuesday morning and is not allowed to bite anything for the next 2 weeks. We spent dinnertime showing WT how to put a small piece of food in his mouth and chew it. Reminding him to say “AH … MMM” helped WT to open his mouth wide and then close his lips over his teeth to chew.

I’ve emailed Wild Thing’s teacher and gym teacher to give them a heads up on the situation. I called back the Sunday School teacher and firmly reminded her that she must inform parents of any injury to a child in her care, regardless of what her evaluation is. I also told her that the synagogue is no place for rough play, especially in a small space such as ours. She felt incredibly guilty. She should.

Dr. Mark is a prince. He came in on his day off to help us and did so graciously and with a smile. He even gave me a Jeopardy! calendar he’d been saving for me. Thank G-d for good dentists.

*apologies for poor photo quality. I took them with my iPhone’s camera. 


6 thoughts on “Duck, Duck, Dangerous

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of WT’s injury. Ouch! The repair looks great, though. I have a small chip on my front tooth that’s repaired in the same way. It’s taken my dentist a couple of tries to get one that “holds” well. So, I bet Dr. Mark is right about the need for a couple of repairs with such a young one.

  2. See . . . Wizard IS responsible . . . sometimes!!

    Dr. Mark is our dentist too. I am glad to know he is there for his patients, even though he isn’t there!

  3. i say two thumbs up for wizard 🙂 what a smart kid, to know to call in spite of the teacher.

    what a great dentist, too. so hard to find people out there who care enough to come in.

  4. I’m trying to teach my kids that when an adult (even what they might think of as a responsible adult) tells them not to tell us something – they are supposed to tell us anyway.

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