Yesterday afternoon I finally made it to my gyn appointment. You know, the one I’ve rescheduled twice since November and the one that is a year overdue? That one. The one where I informed my gyn, Dr. H, that I’ve been bleeding heavily for not one week, not two weeks, but more than two weeks, on top of a terrible yeast infection. Ew, ew, ew. She completed her history and physical, did the lovely Pap smear, the equally lovely breast exam, and said everything looked OK. Dr. H was puzzled at my gynecological history over the last year – heavy periods, skipped periods, long periods, recurrent yeast infections – and recommended I have “some” blood work done.

“Some blood work” = three tubes of prime B+ blood! The vampire squad will test for several different hormone levels, thyroid levels, cholesterol, and a complete blood count. Dr. H is looking for an explanation for the heavy periods and yeast infections. Apparently, thyroid problems can cause abnormally heavy and long periods. Diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions can lead to recurrent yeast infections. I should have the bloodwork results in a few days because I asked the lab to send copies to WineGuy (and my internist). WG will bring them home to me before I go back to Dr. H next week for an ultrasound.

This morning, after dropping the boys at school, I drove to the opposite end of town to the lab instead of to the one that is a mile from my house. Why? Because the one that is close to home is chronically understaffed and overcrowded; a minimum of an hour’s wait for even the simplest thing. The lab on the other side of town, OTOH, is always fast. How fast? I was in, registered, stuck, bandaged and out in 10 minutes. That’s right, TEN MINUTES!! A land-speed record if there ever was one. I finished in time to go to the bank and then to the salon to have my eyebrows waxed this morning. After a few minutes’ threading and waxing, I met my dear friend, Patty, for breakfast. The two of us spent the morning comparing health horror stories. It was good to sit down and catch up with her.

We parted ways, and I went to school to pick up Wizard who had early dismissal. Wizard lopes to the car with no backpack and no lacrosse stick in hand. I knew he left the backpack at home; he claimed he “had no academic classes” today. True, but apparently he had work to turn in. When I asked about the lacrosse stick, he replied that the English teacher had confiscated it. WTF? I parked the car and dragged the kid upstairs into the teacher’s room to give her a piece of my mind. Which I did. And received a priggish lecture from the chair of the English department in the process. Which I probably deserved for blowing my stack. I dragged Wizard home to retrieve the English assignment he was supposed to turn in this morning. We cleaned out his backpack and binder and found other things which hadn’t been turned in. We also found a couple of assignments that are due in January, so I forced encouraged Wizard to complete them and turn them in now. Wizard and I are headed back to school now for him to turn in those assignments and then pick up his brothers.

I never did get to the grocery store today as planned. I guess we’ll have broiled air for dinner.


4 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. Fingers crossed on those lab results. That WAS fast! We are blessed with a lab like that at our local hospital, but I remember years ago when my insurance was elsewhere and I waited an hour to have blood drawn. Horrible.
    I hope that air tasted sweet!

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