Sometimes They Surprise You

Most people would say my boys are good, polite, kind. Most of the time I complain that they are slovenly, ungrateful wolves. Sometimes I, myself, say my boys are good, individually and rarely in concert. Today, they were good, individually and jointly and severally (to exercise my legal vocabulary).

Surprise No. 1: All three of them sat quietly and read their books while I had a nail repaired at the salon this morning. We were there for about 10-15 minutes, but they were good as gold the whole time. They behaved pretty well running errands afterwards, so I took them to play at the local park later in the morning.

Surprise No. 2: Wild Thing single-handedly cleaned out and rearranged the garage, of his own volition. ::hand to heart:: This is the honest-to-G-d truth. When we returned from our morning outing, I mentioned to WT that he spilled some dirt in the garage and that he needed to sweep it up. He moved the stray bins and patio furniture and mopped and swept the whole area. Then he stacked things up neatly to make a special parking area for the boys’ bikes. He also cleaned up Wizard’s lacrosse equipment and stacked it all in one place. To reward him, we took him and his brothers to lunch and then to the bookstore.

Of course, as soon as Wizard saw us fawning all over WT, he went out into the garage “to sweep it out right” – he was looking for brownie points. I shooed him away. Just now, at bedtime, Wizard tried to order Wild Thing into his pajamas and into bed. WT screamed his head off, so I called Wizard downstairs and not at all gently reminded him to leave WT alone. Wizard is so bossy; it’s annoying.

Sometimes they surprise you. Sometimes they don’t.


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