Bad WordPress!

You will recall that WordPress suspended Tales From The Testosterone Zone earlier this month for alleged violations of Terms of Service. They reinstated the blog when I brought it to their attention, claiming they made a mistake and it wouldn’t happen again.

It happened again. Rambling Mom just notified me that WordPress suspended The Need To Feed, my food blog, for alleged violations of TOS. There is absolutely nothing illegal or offensive there. I can’t believe they’ve screwed me again. Of course, they’re closed today, and I can’t file a complaint with WordPress support. I did file one with Automattic and may just call their toll-free number to rattle their cages.

Bad, bad, WordPress!


4 thoughts on “Bad WordPress!

  1. I suspect that you were talking about abusing eggs by beating them (or something).

    I SOOOOOO sucks that it happened to you, not once but TWICE. I don’t get it.

  2. I wonder if your user name (alto2) is just one digit or letter off from someone who does have a record of abuse? Obviously they need to be more careful! Makes me sad because I like the features and look of it so much better than blogger.

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