My Tribe

Did you know I have two daughters? One’s name is “Ida Know” . . . as in “Who’s been stashing food in the playroom couch?”

“Ida Know.”

Her twin sister is a Japanese child named “No” . . . as in “Is your room clean?”


There’s a tribe of sloppy, mischievous savages living in my house, too. It’s the “Notme” tribe . . . as in “Who spilled hot chocolate all over the counter?”

“Notme.” It’s a very small, soon-to-be-extinct tribe.

I think I look great for a mother of a large family, don’t you?

Alto2 face


6 thoughts on “My Tribe

  1. oh yeah. definitely! but don’t forget the child : why me? 😉 or maybe she just lives here.

    speaking of tribes, did you see that PBS has just started a series on ours? i’ve TIVOd part one…

  2. I have “inaminit” who lives at my house and apparently is supposed to do the things I ask my children to do. “Clean your room.” “inaminit” “Could you take the trash out?” “inaminit”
    (and of course it then never gets done…..)


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