Akismet? It’s Fate.

Here’s a shout-out to WordPress’s spam filter, Akismet. Enabling that little program has benefitted my blog in so many ways . . . 351 ways to date. Akismet has filtered 351 Zone blog comments as spam since I signed up with WordPress last summer. I am eternally grateful that my little circle of friends doesn’t have to wade through or be disgusted by the kinds of replies one gets to a blog with “testosterone” in the title. You can only imagine. If I were a true believer and male, my gargantuan penis would be forever erect. Yuck, yuck, and yuck again.

If you’re blogging via WordPress, Akismet is automatically plugged-in for you. If you’re using another blogging service and would like a great spam filter, click here. Akismet is now free for personal use.

With apologies to Monty Python (and possibly Hormel), spam is neither lovely nor wonderful. As for the reference in the title of this post, did you know that kismet means “fate” in Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic. Did you also know that “Kismet” was a popular 1950’s musical based on the music of Alexander Borodin? Several of the songs originate in Borodin’s “Polovtsian Dances,” the famous theme of which is “Stranger in Paradise”. As fate would have it, my chorale is performing “Polovtsian Dances” and Sergei Prokofiev’s “Alexander Nevsky” this weekend. Although we have been struggling with the Russian for months, singing the Dance of the Maidens (“Stranger in Paradise” theme) is rich and wonderful.

Kismet original Playbill

Fate, kismet, ba-shert . . . whatever you call it, I believe. Do you?


5 thoughts on “Akismet? It’s Fate.

  1. Akismet has filtered 180 messages — and I don’t even have “testosterone” in my blog title.

    I love it.

    But Alto2, since I love you so much if you really want I can forward you all my Spam messages (no — didn’t think so).

  2. Omigosh!! You guys both get way more spam than I do! It’s only blocked 44 messages for me and considering that we all moved over to WP around the same time that is just amazing. The ones that I have looked at on mine were all pretty boring ads or funky track backs to off the wall sites. Oh yes, Akismet is my very best blog friend!

  3. 357 here, and I’ve been at WordPress a shorter time. Interesting! I’m wondering what inspired the number of gambling site comments it’s caught.

  4. akismet is about to hit 700 since i moved over to wordpress. i bow down to the gods at Akismet. and i’m not even remotely penile-related (though i often drop naughty words, something i”m working on for the new year. dammit. 😉

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