Move It Along

I am really surprised to report that I actually missed my walking over the weekend. I had to cater the synagogue’s Saturday Kiddush luncheon, so I was busy cooking and preparing on Friday and Saturday. By the time we got home from services on Saturday, I was pooped. I didn’t walk on Sunday or Monday, either, and I had trouble sleeping those nights.

This morning, despite Wizard’s incredible stupidity which made us all late and Wild Thing’s utterly lemming-like behavior*, I couldn’t wait to drop the kids at school and get over to the track. Radio Mom can confirm that I practically threw the younger two out of the car so I could get to my walk. I was so happy to get to the track, stretch a bit and walk. Thirty minutes and five laps around the track yielded 1.25 miles. Hooray for me! Hooray for the iPhone, too, with the built-in iPod. The music gets me going and keeps me going.

I ran home, showered and changed and ran back out to the local art museum. I attended a lecture by Olga Hirshhorn, widow of Joseph Hirshhorn (as in the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum), who discussed art collecting and her personal collection. I feel good, although my left knee is still not right. Time to call Doc Bro for a consult.

*Stupid Lemmings

Stupid move #1:  Wizard rode his new bike this morning before school. Didn’t eat breakfast. Didn’t pack his Hebrew School stuff. Just rode around for 45 minutes.  Stupid Move #2: Wizard didn’t put his watch on because it interfered with his jacket. Stupid Move  #3: Wizard and WT rode all the way to the entrance of the neighborhood without looking at the time. Lemming Move #1: WT blindly followed Wizard on his bike and didn’t pack his school or Hebrew School stuff. Lemming Move #2: WT, who always wears his watch, never even bothered to look at it when he left the house. I drove all the way to the neighborhood’s gate (0.7 mile from home) before I found them. I sent them home and waited for WineGuy to bring them down the street to me. I waited 20 minutes for those two idiots.

4 thoughts on “Move It Along

  1. It must have been one of those days. Soccer Boy couldn’t find his coat anywhere this morning. Being that it was 23 degrees outside, I deemed it necessary to find it before leaving for school. He missed the bus, and I had to not only add the extra time to take him to school but also for waiting in the drop off line which is LONG at that time of the morning. Bleh.

  2. I think it’s the long weekend — I was yelling at Chip this morning because he was printing homework — as Spouse was trying to get the kids in the car. You’ve had ALL WEEKEND!!!!

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