Although I should have been able to sleep late this morning, Moose woke me up early. He was starting that croupy cough again. After I pinned him down and nebulized my little Moose, WineGuy took them all to school for the annual Breakfast with Dad. Since I was wide awake, I decided to catch up on my blog-reading. I was surfing through Bountiful Healing and found an unusual name, Amuirin. I clicked on her name and found myself chuckling at her post about Calvin and Hobbes. It got me thinking about my favorite comic strips.

My all-time favorite is Peanuts. My writing ability is approximately equivalent to Snoopy’s.


My favorite strips were one where Charles M. Schultz took 5 frames to show Snoopy eating just one piece of popcorn and where Snoopy melted all over Schroeder’s piano humming “Chopin”. Personally, I identify with Lucy.

I also love Foxtrot, but my local paper does not print that one. I love that kid, Jason! He reminds me a lot of Wild Thing.


Currently, I read Cathy, For Better Or For Worse, Jump Start, and Zits in our local paper. Cathy is timeless, although I don’t relate to her quite as well now as I used to.


I’m sad that Lynn Patterson will stop drawing the Pattersons in FBOFW later this year. I really like that window into their ever-changing family life.


Jump Start makes me laugh at their complicated family dynamics and at the parents trying to raise those young children.

Jump Start

More and more, I’ve come to identify with Connie Duncan, Jeremy’s mom in Zits. She looks at her son and sees giant feet constantly growing out of sneakers and a cavernous mouth that leads to a giant pit of a stomach, all wrapped in insouciance. In short: Wizard.


What’s your favorite comic strip?


In our current issue of “Love Letters,” the newsletter of Norman Love Confections, Norman Love proudly reports that his divine chocolates were featured in a national comic strip, “The Humble Stumble”! The cartoonist, Roy Schneider, lives here in Southwest Florida. Schneider met Love last year at a charity function. Here are the two strips. Bravo, Norman!

Humble Stumble

Humble Stumble 2

9 thoughts on “Comics

  1. Zits has been my favorite since it first came out which was right around when MM hit the teen years. I have a couple of those hanging on my ‘fridge. You’ve inspired a blog post! Thanks 🙂

  2. My favorites were Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes. I haven’t read the comics in so long that I’m not sure I’d recognize them anymore.

    I don’t remember when I stopped reading the comics. Probably about the time Calvin & Hobbes disappeared from the daily paper, or maybe when Larson stopped doing The Far Side cartoons.

  3. I’m a comic reader, good idea of a post. Right now it’s still Zits and For Better or For Worse (didn’t know she was stopdrawing it, is it continuing or just stopping?). Fox Trot is also up there, I was dissapointed when it went to Sunday’s only. I’m also gotten to the age that I can enjoy Pickles. But, when the boys were little, it had to be Calvin & Hobbs – so much identification! We have many of their books here. Oh yes, let’s not forget Dilbert, so much truth there too.

  4. I don’t read much in the paper beyond FBOFW these days. I own the complete Calvin and Hobbs and Far Side collection. The latter is a must for a college science teacher.

    I like Peanuts, though I’m partial to the 1950s-70s era. My goal is to someday have the complete collection of that strip.

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