Not Easy

Moose will turn 6 at the end of this month. He does not want a party. He would like to go to Walt Disney World for his birthday, which falls at the end of Presidents’ Week vacation. We live within easy driving distance of Orlando, and I am willing to make this trip with the three boys by myself. WineGuy will not go because he will not take time off during the height of tourist season. That’s fine with me. We have successfully avoided The Mouse since we’ve lived here, and I suppose it’s time to go.

Stupidly, I thought that I, a Florida resident, could score a great hotel rate on the property. Forget it. Not easy buttonDisney reservations are complicated. Disney hotel prices are exorbitant. Trying to figure out which resort would be good, easily accessible, etc. is a nightmare. On the previous advice of the August96 Moms, I registered with Tour Guide Mike. That service might be helpful in planning the park visits, but he is little help with hotel arrangements. I spent a lot of time online and got nowhere. I am contemplating three choices:

  1. Call WDW vacations directly and see what they’ll offer for Florida residents;
  2. Go to my local AAA office and see what kind of deal they can arrange; or
  3. Call my cousins, who live near Orlando and who actually work at WDW, and ask to stay there.

Any experts out there willing to give some advice?


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