Our AAA membership just paid for itself. After yesterday’s frustrations in Disney hotel planning, I went to the local AAA office first thing this morning. I waited a very short time and spoke with a knowledgeable agent. She pulled up Disney hotel rates on her computer and then called a direct line to the AAA office in Orlando to see if there were any better deals there. They were able to offer Disney’s Port Orleans Resort-Riverside for $139.00/night; the published Disney rate is at least $189.00/night. I wanted to spend less, if possible, so the agent kept looking. She found the Buena Vista Suites resort for $105.00/night including breakfast; this hotel has its own bus service to the parks. SOLD! There was another similarly rated hotel for less, but it didn’t include breakfast, which is critical for my boys. Once I booked the hotel reservation, I walked over to the cashier and purchased my Florida resident park passes for a substantial discount. Now, I’m going to call my cousins and tell them we’re coming. The only way I’ll change my plans is if they can get me a phenomenal Disney-employee hotel rate.

Another AAA agent had other Disney tour-planning websites to recommend:, the online site for The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World; and I found more helpful. They have an updated Crowd-Level Calendar (free) and prepared touring plans for families of every composition, some of which are maximized for holidays ($7.95 fee charged for membership). Beyond that, allows you to customize your touring plan to add or delete items as you wish. I’m going to go back to Tour Guide Mike to supplement what I’ve learned.

Moose is going to get his birthday wish! He’ll be so excited! Sssshhh, don’t tell him — that means you, Calvin!


3 thoughts on “AAAhhh

  1. We’ve been fortunate enough to take several nice family vacations, but I can say that our Disney vacation a couple of years ago was hands down my favorite. Enjoy!

  2. Oh my, I am sooooo glad I saw this post before I saw Moose! I didn’t realize it was a secret. Mum is the word. Your secret is safe (with me at least).

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