Another Dead G.E. Appliance

My corporate rants against General Electric are legend here in The Zone. Today, the appliance serviceman, Josh (my new best friend), told me my G.E. disposer was dead. Rusted through and through, frozen in place, deader than petrified wood. Not repairable and not covered for replacement under the service contract. Fortunately, Josh told me what kind to buy (Insinkerator, stainless steel) and how big (3/4 HP).


Here’s a recap of all the dead or defective G.E. appliances in The Zone:

  • G.E. washer: burned through 2 transmissions; dead and gone
  • G.E. dryer:  condemned to hell when the washer blew
  • G.E. Monogram ovens: self-cleaning feature overheats enough to be a fire hazard; burned through one circuit board; still in the kitchen
  • G.E. microwave oven: burned through 2 transformers; dead and gone
  • G.E. Monogram refrigerator/freezer:  burned through 2 thermostats, one major icemaker part; still in the kitchen under a death warrant
  • G.E. Monogram dishwasher:  burned through 3 circuit boards; dead and gone
  • G.E. warming oven:  burned through one power switch; still in  the kitchen
  • G.E. solid-surface cooktop: surprisingly in tact and still in the kitchen
  • G.E. disposer: rusted and dead; soon to be replaced

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again:  G.E. APPLIANCES SUCK!!! Do not, under any circumstances purchase them or install them in your home. Run fast and far from them. Just wait,  damned refrigerator and ovens, just wait. You’ll make it to hell long before I do.
Now, on top of all the laundry, ironing, and unpacking to do, I need to make time to shop for disposers at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Do you think I can find a birthday present for my 16 year-old niece there, too?


17 thoughts on “Another Dead G.E. Appliance

  1. Free advice from my redneck, GC husband . . . “you might ought think about having your electical wiring checked out.” He has a Buddy, named . . . get this . . . “Buddy” who he can have come on over to check whether there is an electrical issue causing the problem. It might be cheaper than buying new appliances on a regular basis. (Unless, of course, you enjoy buying new appliances on a regular basis.)

  2. I’d take Calvin’s buddy’s buddy up on that offer

    maybe jus that there are few too many points loaded into one area

    building a house i’m learning about that 🙂

  3. Seems like I get new appliances sooner than I get new cars, so … . Sounds like a good idea to get in touch with Buddy. I’m not sure it’s an electrical wiring problem so much as a GE quality control problem. Ask Heidi Lou (fka BB), she has brand new GE appliances that are giving her problems.

  4. Well, but…my all GE appliance house is going on year #4 with no issues so I do wonder if the actual electrical wiring in the house is not at least *contributing* to the early demise of the appliances?

  5. Gosh…I hate to harp on this…I see others have already mentioned this to you.
    If all of these things happened in the same house, I would definitely look at your house grounding system. All stray voltages in any system need a path to ground.

    Also, check with you neighbors to see if they have any sort of similar issues. These nearbly homes will have their houses fed by the same transformer from the utility company.

  6. Beware to anyone thinking of purchasing a GE Monogram Appliance! We built a house and have 9 GE appliances, with 7 of them being Monogram. We cleaned our oven for the first time and the heat of cleaning cause a fan blade to fall off the motor shaft. The appliance was 30 days past its 1 year warranty and GE “customer service” was arrogant, nasty and confrontational. Infact, when I could not get satisfaction from the cusotmer service rep and requested to speak to their supervisor, I was informed that she was THE person responsible for Monogram. I responded that I thought it odd that the president of the Appliance division would b answering phones, she just got nastier and more arrogant. They refused to cover the repair as a warranty item. In my opinion an obvious manufacture defect and I have to pay for it–Again.
    Run, don’t walk, away from GE!

  7. Take the advice of the author of this post. RUN from any appliance made by GE. In actuality, it probably isn’t the electricity in his house. GE is well aware of problems with their products, particularly the early failure of their main circuit boards on these appliances. They install junk in their appliances and then try to find every reason in the world to tell you the part isn’t covered. Any other brand has to be superior to GE JUNK!

  8. I had an $800k house built four years ago and had all GE Profile appliances installed in the kitchen and basement. The refrigerator water dispenser stopped working, the built in microwave stopped working. The one thousand dollar stove hood’s lights stopped working and I can’t get it fixed without having it removed. And then last week the dishwasher started leaking. A service man said it would cost over $325 to fix it because the pump and motor assembly is only sold together for $185.

    I hate GE!

    • Hey Don,
      Get the service contract…about $275 for 2 yrs and then it will cost $25 to repair each appliance. Yes $275 upfront is a bit much BUT GE sucks and in the end you’ll save money. You do have to wait 30 days after you set up the service contract before you call with a problem. We’ve had them come out twice and both times it would have cost us $500 for the repairs…..$275 has been worth it for us. 1-800-432-2737

      • I only paid %109 for a 5 yr warranty for my GE washer and dryer which I purchased at Lowes..dryer buttons broke 4 times in under 2 yrs and now the panel for the dryer is broken..yikes..GE does suk!

  9. I wish I’d seen your post earlier. GE is driving me crazy. The last time my brand new OTR microwave packed up, it took them three months to source parts. And this I’m not sure how long will the wait be. GE SUCKS!!! I’ll make sure everyone I know never buys a GE appliance ever and as for me I’m done!!!

  10. GE SUCKS!

    We purchased 4 major GE appliances 6/2006

    Yesterday our fridge broke for the 3rd time in less than a yr. The freezer & fridge were at 67 degrees! We had to throw almost everything out! GE said they’ll give us $100 (one time only) if we can give them pictures & a list of items we lost. $100 won’t cover 1/2 the stuff. They’ll come tomorrow between 8-5 to repair it. Ummmmm my husband and I work and now will have to work more to pay for this.

    Our other fridge was 12 yrs old & we never had a problem w/it. Darn us for upgrading.

    The customer service sucks, the repair people suck, and too bad for us because we own 3 other major GE appliances.

    BTW ~ The service people said it sounds like they will need to replace the same part they replaced back in April of this year BUT we still have to pay for the repair since it has been more than 30 days. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? So they can put in bad parts and if they break after 30 days…you are screwed.

    We are HUGE Consumer Report readers and we didn’t read before we purchased. Consumer Reports has GE listed as NOT SO GOOD. We should have dished out a few more bills for better appliances.

    Live and learn.

  11. GE is an EU company now. All products made in china. No longer the US powerhouse corporation it was. Thanks Jeff. Just think about that the next time you get on an aircraft with GE turbofan engines in it. Oh ya thanks for sending my job to the UK too Jeffy. GE does Suck and don’t believe anything else you hear.
    A former GE engineer says so.

  12. We, too, are the victims of GE Appliances…6 of them…it’s brutal.

    GE is blaming me because I took 3 years to file a formal complaint on my dishwasher.

    Already replaced the washing machine after 2 years & $1200. Spent $2,300 on fridge & another $469.02 in repairs thus far.

    Never again…

  13. I just trashed 3 GE appliances from my house, one from my mother-in-law’s within the last 3 months. I guess I should consider we have faulty wiring in both places, since we are only 25 miles apart and in different states. Or another possibility is GE sold out to the cheapest producer in China. I’m going with the second option. Nothing else in my house from GE.

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