Driving in Circles

My van had to go into the shop this week, so WineGuy and I shared a car for the past 2 days. Frankly, it would have been easier for me to sit and wait for it on Monday, but WG insisted that was a waste of time. Oh really? Instead, I drove in circles today, getting everyone where they needed to be and taking care of things for everyone else.

The whole family left home at 6:35A today to get WG to the office by 7:00. We live in the north end of town and drove 10 miles south to deliver WG. Then I turned around and drove 3 miles north towards school. The boys and I stopped for breakfast and then drove the next mile to school. I stayed for the PTO meeting this morning. Afterwards, I drove 5 miles back north to the eye doctor’s office to pick up my new bifocal contact lenses. Then, I drove 3 miles east, towards home, to stop at Sam’s Club to have a prescription filled for WG. While at Sam’s, the dealer called to say my car was ready. I pointed the car south and drove the 10 miles back to WG’s office to leave him his car. I waited at his office for the dealer’s courtesy shuttle, which only took 30 minutes to pick me up. I drove 3 miles back home from the dealer. Now, at 3:30P, I have to leave again to pick up the boys at school: 5 miles south and 5 miles north back home for a whole hour+ because Wizard has his first lacrosse game tonight at 6:00P, for which he has to be at the field 30 minutes early. Where’s the field? 5 miles southeast of the house.

Oh, yes, it was worth it not to sit at the dealer on Monday morning, just so I could wait 2 days for them to fix my hunk of junk and drive in circles all over creation — because WG wanted me to use my time efficiently.

SO. NOT. TRUE. ::snort::


2 thoughts on “Driving in Circles

  1. It often amazes me how a man’s idea of efficiency and a woman’s are so vastly different. Needless to say, the woman is usually right in this case.

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