I Spoke Too Soon

Sick MooseMoose’s teacher called home yesterday afternoon to say that he had fallen asleep in class and that he was running a low-grade fever. I should have suspected something when he couldn’t drag his bones out of bed yesterday morning. This morning was the same story: he just wouldn’t get up. Wizard carried Moose downstairs so I could take Moose’s temperature. It was. 100.3ºF. I spoke with another Kindergarten mom yesterday who said her son had the same thing — fever for days, then fine, but still lethargic and whiny.

Moose is not going to school today. I’m sadder than he is because I had the usual Thursday errands to run — waxing, sporting goods store, grocery store. He only has Jump Rope for Heart today. Moose doesn’t like to jump rope, so he’s not sorry to miss it.

I only hope Moose rallies so we can go up to Winter Haven this weekend to see the Cleveland Indians play (Chain O’ Lakes stadium). We’re also planning to go to Cypress Gardens. Think cool thoughts for Moose!


5 thoughts on “I Spoke Too Soon

  1. Sending cooling thoughts as requested. (I could send snow, too, if you’re like!) I hope Moose feels better soon.

    My oldest son experienced that mystery illness about a month ago. Other than the fever and lethargy, there’s not much to it. I don’t think his was preceded by vomiting or diarrhea, though.

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