Not-So-Wild Thing

We canceled our trip to Winter Haven this weekend because Wild Thing came down with the evil virus. He had been complaining of a sore throat for a couple of days, but this morning he started running a fever. 103.2ºF this morning, up to 103.9 this afternoon. We have been dosing him with children’s ibuprofen and Tylenol all day. Poor thing, WT has absolutely no color in his face. He sat in his dad’s recliner all day, hugging his giant stuffed Basset Hound, Lovey, and watching television with Moose.

Moose is feeling better — no fever — but is still not 100%. He is tired and whining which, according to Wizard, is Moose’s usual state. Only the kid isn’t quite right. So far, Wizard, WineGuy and I have stayed healthy. Wizard even got to spend the afternoon at the local waterpark — unchaperoned! Wizard is such a greedy brat that he was looking for extra computer time even after his afternoon out.

Hopefully, WT will be feeling better tomorrow. I’m not sending him to religious school, but Wizard and Moose are definitely going. I hope everyone is healthy at your house.


3 thoughts on “Not-So-Wild Thing

  1. it’s so not fun when the family is sick
    have you ever tried colloidal silver?
    my mum came down with a viral thing a couple of days ago, and we fly overseas in four days, so i suggested she hit the colloidal silver hard
    she did and by the end of day two she was 100%
    she reckons it’s magic

    wishing you wellness
    health and happiness

  2. I’m so sorry you had to cancel your weekend away. It’s never fun to have sick kids, but it’s especially bad when you’ve planned something fun. I hope that Wild Thing is feeling better and that the rest of you remain healthy.

  3. so sorry he’s still feeling under the weather. i hear that the flu around here can last a week or so to really kick it out.

    hoping he’s back to his usual delightful self very soon!!! 🙂

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