Missing Money

Who couldn’t use a little found money? My BIL recently mailed WineGuy a birthday card containing a print-out from MissingMoney.com. This is an “unclaimed property clearinghouse” that helps locate and identify dormant accounts for people. BIL found WineGuy’s name. WG was about to toss the print-out when I stopped him. I figured I’d do a little research and see what turned up.

Apparently, the State of Pennsylvania has been holding a check in WG’s name for the past 5-6 years. I didn’t recognize the payor listed, but WG’s name and our former address were absolutely correct. I clicked through to the Pa. State Treasurer’s website and printed out the claim form. We’ll submit the documentation and see what turns up.

Not willing to leave well-enough alone, I snooped a bit further. I didn’t find anything in my own name, but I did find an account for my eldest brother, The Egg,  for several members of my SIL, VJ’s, family and for my cousins who now live in Orlando.

Found money!


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