That Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady

I have been going to the same hairdresser, the Gay Blade, for the last four years. I was a loyal customer and nearly always on time. I tipped him well and bought him nice Christmas presents. I have followed him from shop to shop to shop.

My friend, Roslyn, introduced me to him. Not long after I started seeing GB, Roslyn up and left him for another hairdresser because he overprocessed her hair. The thing is, Roslyn never called GB to tell him she was moving on. GB bitched and whined about it to me for months afterwards, saying Roslyn should have let him know, instead of leaving him hanging.

A few months ago, GB left the peaceful Zen Salon for a more upscale, high-traffic place, Snooty Salon. The first time I went to Snooty Salon, the staff treated me rudely. I was unhappy and told GB so the next time I saw him. Things were no better during my second visit to Snooty Salon, so I told GB point-blank that I didn’t like the place or how they treated me. GB, ever the primadonna, said, “You’re coming to see me, not the rest of these people.” True, but “the rest of these people” wash my hair, get me something to drink, process my color, etc.

I recounted my unhappiness about GB and the Snooty Salon to Roslyn a few days ago. She encouraged me to see her colorist and a stylist at the top salon in the area, Lovely Locks. I decided to go for it, and Roslyn set up my consultation. The Lovely Locks consultation was professional. The colorist was excellent and pointed out how dated and unflattering my color was. The stylist really gave a lot of thought to my hairstyle and texture. I decided to leave GB and go with Lovely Locks.

One week before my next scheduled appointment with GB, I called him. Some young woman answered his phone. I had no idea who she was so I asked to speak directly with GB.

“Hi, GB, it’s Alto2. I am canceling my appointment with you next week.”

“OK. When do you want to reschedule?”

“I don’t.”

Silence. I continued, “I am letting you know that I need a break and am changing hairdressers.”

“Fine.” Click.

The bastard hung up on me! After four years listening to GB rant and rave about how badly Roslyn treated him when she left him, I did the right thing, and he was a rude SOB. I was stunned. When I told Roslyn what happened, she wasn’t surprised. She couldn’t stand his drama all those years ago. I completely understand.

Memo to All Service Personnel: When a client is courteous to you, be courteous in return. Otherwise, it will be a cold day in Khartoum before I send you any more business.

Calvin: Hairstyling with GB done! You’re coming with me.


3 thoughts on “That Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady

  1. Ain’t it the truth? I have a therapist friend who assures me that it’s a-ok to just not go back to a hairstylist, he says you don’t have to make the break-up call. I did that once (just left, without telling,) and I’m not proud, but just like with your recent experience, it was the right thing to do.

    Let me know if you read Rebecca’s book–she would totally do something for your bookclub. Check out her website–I think she has stuff on there about book clubs.


  2. My biggest hairstylist dilemma consists of Supercuts vs. Hair Gallery….which has the longest wait 🙂

    Welcome back to blogging!


  3. The Snooty Salon staff is RUDE, or maybe they are just stupid. Either way, I do not care to go back.

    And, get this . . . the last time I was there GB told me he had a girlfriend! I nearly said, “What the . . . ?” But then decided, in the “how does this affect me” it was a non-issue.

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