I drove in circles today. Why? Because my DH (definitely not dear husband) misplaced two very important income reporting forms I needed to prepare our taxes. They represented at least 50% of our income, and I couldn’t leave them out . . . although if I did, we would owe a lot less money.


As soon as I dropped the kids at school, I called his office manager. She was not at work at 8:00 a.m., and the staff expected her by 8:30. I couldn’t wait for her so I came home to meet the refrigerator repairman. Fortunately, he was on time; unfortunately, my garage refrigerator (16 years old) is dying rapidly and not worth repairing. I left right after he was done and drove back downtown to WineGuy’s office. I picked up the forms and came right back home.

What I expected would take me only an hour or so to update in the tax software, ended up taking 2.5 hours to enter, check, verify, re-enter, and repeat. After that exercise in frustration was done, I wrote the painfully large check to the IRS. Then I dashed over to Office Depot to photocopy everything. OD ran a special today for 25 free photocopies of tax forms! Mine were a bit longer, so I only paid a small fee. On my way down to WG’s office, I stopped to deposit some checks (nowhere near large enough to cover the IRS check).

I got down to the office, had WG sign the forms, showed him how much we owed. We both groaned. Thankfully, the post office is right next door to his office, so I popped in there. The line for counter service was ridiculously long, so I used the “Automated Postal Center,” i.e. the post office ATM, and printed out the postage I needed. That was the quickest part of the whole process! Done with that, I ran back uptown to pick up Wild Thing and Moose at school. We drove around the campus to pick up Wizard at the middle school. Of course, he forgot to stay at the middle school. so we waited for him for 15 minutes. Idiot. Got home at 4:00 p.m. and threw some chicken in the microwave to defrost. Refereed three boys trying to destroy the house and not do homework. Dragged WT into the home office to do his work while I filed all the 2007 tax papers away. Phew!

Wizard has lacrosse practice soon. We’re leaving in 15 minutes, and he’s not done with his work. WT is not done with his work, and I’m toying with leaving him home alone for 30 minutes while I take Wizard to practice. Not sure about this because WT is 8 and not likely to do much work if left unsupervised.

All told, I will have made four complete circuits around town today. Gawd, I need a drink!


One thought on “Circles

  1. I have two words for you:


    Seriously! It’s totally worth it!

    We have to file federal plus two different states every year (I work in a different state than where we live). It cost me $50-something dollars to file all three returns electronically, but it’s SO worth it to not have to leave the house or make copies!

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