Way Cool

Although The Zone is feeling rather broke after Tax Day, I was compelled to buy a new refrigerator today. I’ve had a basic Kenmore model for the last 16 years. It was our main refrigerator in both houses in PA and our spare refrigerator in the garage here. It just died: a dead thermostat and a Freon leak. The repairman said “Don’t bother fixing it. Get a new one and make sure it’s a Whirlpool.” Yes, sir!

This morning, after dining with Calvin at her favorite bagel place, I intended to start my search at Sears because it’s having a big sale. Bagels were done by 9:00, and the mall doesn’t open until 10:00. So, I drove to the sporting goods store to have Wizard’s lacrosse head restrung; they were closed. I drove further to Home Depot. HD had a lousy selection of refrigerators, but it did have the part I needed to fix my closet shelf. [Yay, but that’s another story.] I drove back to the sporting goods store and found it open. I played with the owner’s dog while the owner re-strung the lacrosse head. Only then did I get to Sears. They had lots of fancy-schmancy refrigerators, but I didn’t need fancy. Or even schmancy. Just a basic, big, white refrigerator (no icemaker, no water dispenser). From Sears, I drove back uptown to Lowe’s, which had just the right model but no bargains. I bought the refrigerator at Lowe’s and agreed to accept delivery in two days . . . hopefully before we leave for the airport that day.

And then I woke up. Earlier at the bagel place, I ran into Denny, the local Apple computer expert, who suggested I go right to Costco. I didn’t even remember Costco sold refrigerators. Did I mention Costco is right next door to Lowe’s in this town?

You can easily write the rest of this story: I went next door to Costco and found the exact same refrigerator for $150.00 less than Lowe’s. Costco doesn’t deliver but it gave me the name of a local deliveryman. He charged me $60 for delivery plus $40 to haul the old refrigerator away. Want to know the delivery date? Today! Less than an hour ago, some three hours after I bought the thing. Unbelievable! Before I came home to wait for the delivery, I stopped back at Lowe’s to return the other one. When they asked why, I explained “Costco just sold me the exact same unit for $150 less, and I’ll have it this afternoon.” Nyah, nyah.

There was one tiny hitch which I didn’t anticipate. The new refrigerator’s plug is as big as the freezer’s plug in the adjacent receptacle. I need to get a 3-prong adapter, but for now, I have the new refrigerator plugged into a heavy-duty extension cord.

My new refrigerator is way cool.

Note: when you click on the picture, it will take you to the Costco.com page. Costco.com charges more for the refrigerator, but the price includes shipping/handling/delivery. However, delivery could take as long as three weeks.


3 thoughts on “Way Cool

  1. That looks to be an updated model of our current garage refrigerator–the one we bought for our first house back in ’91 (so that one does have an icemaker, though it’s not hooked up now). It’s been going strong for 17 years. May you have good appliance luck with this purchase!

  2. Nice! I’ve got to get something like that for my garage some day before Thanksgiving. I don’t have enough room in my kitchen fridge to thaw a turkey or to hold a turkey caracas or to hold a big old pot of turkey noodle soup. And, a place to hold cold beer would be nice too. I don’t drink beer very often, but it’s nice to have it sitting around cold in case somebody wants some. And, a little bit of a freezer in addition to what we’ve got in the kitchen would be nice to stock up on those big boxes of Costco food.

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