Not Enough

I have an old iPod mini. It’s second generation, I think. I always thought it would be adequate for my needs. It’s not.

Wizard asked me yesterday to charge up the old iPod and load some music into it so he could use it on our trip this weekend. Charging — no problem. Loading the requested music? Problem. The iPod only holds 6GB, and I had about 10 GB worth of music I wanted to load. Instead of spending an hour fixing this thing up, I’ve spent over 2 hours on this “little” project. Reset the iPod, re-load the music, delete songs from the list.

Finally, I’ve pared the playlists down to something manageable. Clearly, this child needs a bigger iPod. Yeah, right. Maybe his grandparents will buy it for him.


2 thoughts on “Not Enough

  1. Would you believe I don’t have an iPod at all? I am sooo behind the times (and doubt anyone will buy me one).

    It almost seems funny to see “only” attached to 6GB.

  2. that’s what grandparents are for – isn’t it?

    I have an i-River
    don’t use it much at home, but for travelling it was fantastic
    one word – podtours
    two words – free

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