Idol 2008 Finale

American Idol logoNo time like the end of the season to admit I’ve watched “American Idol”. I’ve kept up with TPGoddess’s weekly posts about the progression of the show. I loved the finale of Season 7!

I am, and always was, a big Donna Summer fan. When I saw the top 6 women singing La Donna’s “Hot Stuff,” I was hooked. One of my favorite Donna Summer songs is “Last Dance,” and I was thrilled to see her sing it with the girls. I was particularly impressed to see La Donna hand over her sparkly mike to Syesha. Not sure if Syesha’s mike stopped working or if this was altruism in motion. In either case, what a treat! Here’s a well-known secret around The Zone: Ms. Summer owns a condo in my area. She is a frequent patron at a favorite breakfast cafe, owned by friends of mine. She even autographed some albums for the owner! How cool is that?

Another of my favorite finale performances was David Cook singing with ZZ Top. He looked great. He sounded great, and he appeared to be having a great time. I also loved hearing  Brooke White sing “Teach Your Children Well” with Graham Nash. The acoustic guitars and the harmonies were perfectly in tune. Brooke White has so much talent that I hope she gets some kind of recording contract out of this experience.

I envision Syesha heading for Broadway, much like Fantasia. BTW, did you see how fat and red-haired Fantasia was on last week’s show? Blech — all she did was scream. Michael John has the right look and sound for Broadway, too. Jason Castro goes nowhere fast. I can’t believe he made it as far as he did. Ramiele has a future recording Filipino pop songs. I had such high hopes for Chikezie becoming the next Luther Vandross. Hopefully, some R&B producer will capitalize on his talent.

Which brings me to David Archuleta. Cute, good voice, no stage presence, and can’t dance. I mean, really … cannnot … dance. His moves bring “Elaine Benes” (Seinfeld) to mind. Maybe Paula will “personally coach” him, too. While Archie has great pop appeal, his whole demeanor screams “Christian pop” genre to me. In any case, I predict his star will rise like Clay Aiken’s. That reminds me of Ruben Studdard: still grossly overweight and undertalented. I still don’t understand how he won Season 2.

Finally … David Cook. The man can play a guitar. The man has stage presence and decent moves. The man can sing. Anything. When a hard rocker delivers “Killing Me Softly” so tenderly and emotionally — without screaming or vocal histrionics — he has star power. And, he is humble. America made the right choice. I want to see him rise far and fast like Carrie Underwood.


3 thoughts on “Idol 2008 Finale

  1. I was glad to see David Cook win, too. I was not a big fan of Archie, mostly because he forgot the lyrics, a lot.

    One of the things I’ve always liked about the AI finale is that the contestants finally relax. You get to hear what they can really do. Not that I blame them for being so nervous throughout the competition, but it’s nice when they can let loose without the pressure of winning or losing.

  2. That finale was one of the best shows I’ve seen in awhile. The music was so good that when they got to the end and brought the two out for the results, I was thinking “Oh yeah! This is American Idol! They need to pick a winner!” I agree with your assessment of everyone. Michael Johns seemed like he was auditioning to be a variety show host himself 🙂 It was just a really well done show and this group of singers really was top to bottom the most talented of any season which will make for a great tour.

    I could watch David Cook singing that final song a dozen times and still need a tissue each time.

  3. I haven’t watched AI since the Ruben/Clay season, whenever that was, but I well remember how addictive it was. I’m at a stage of my life where I just can’t commit to following a tv show week after week and I know I would want to once I got started! It sounds like it was a successful season with a talented winner! I always love seeing who won and thinking how great it is that some young person (and sometimes people) get a chance that wouldn’t have otherwise been available. Both of those finalists sounded great to me on the news clips I saw – I’m sure they will go far.

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