Inner Sanctum

Memorial Day Weekend brought prematurely high temperatures to The Zone, and we jumped in the pool. I’d had enough of the three boys playing roughly and fighting for nearly an hour, so I kicked them out of the pool. In a scene taken right out of “The Graduate,” I found myself floating along on my back, ears underwater, hearing only the sounds of my own breathing and the distant hum of pool equipment. Even the ever-flowing waterfalls were silent underwater.

I stared upwards into even sections of blue sky. Each frame of the pool cage revealed a different combination of clouds and sky. I could have stayed there for hours; it was so peaceful . . . until Wild Thing blasted me with his new water bazooka.


5 thoughts on “Inner Sanctum

  1. now imagine the movie if someone had done that to dustin? it would bring new meaning to the term: plastics.

    sorry he broke the peace and quiet. don’t they always, though? i thought it had been a peaceful day until my hellboy decided to grab my leg. as i fell, i didn’t want to squash him (he is all of 32 pounds soaking wet), and i ended up smashing my head against the vaporizer.

    why did we become parents again?

  2. Oh man, you just reminded me of one of my favorite things to do – float in a pool. Heavenly.

    Though I suppose I should emphasize, a pool with no rugrats with super soaker squirt guns…..I woulda killed the kid. (though it made me giggle a bit, sorry)

  3. Aah, the peace and quiet of a pool on a warm sunny day. You know how I feel about Wildthing–I would have gotten my own soaker and really let him have it, until he was exhausted and then I would have headed back to the pool. 🙂 How many days left of school for the boys of the Zone? (I will have 4 days once tomorrow starts )

    * hugs to all*

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