Life in Hell

This is what the theme of my summer will be. WineGuy refuses to spend the $$$ to send Wizard to a Jewish sleep-away camp. Wizard has been completely dreadful and needs to get out of The Zone before we end up divorced or in a multiple homicide. As of right now, Wizard will be home, sitting on his fat ass my head, all summer.

No, blog-friends, there isn’t enough Prozac in the world to get me through this.


5 thoughts on “Life in Hell

  1. Can you still get him into camp? A few months ago when my oldest was being such a pain, one of the only things that got me through it was the thought of putting her on a bus to camp June 1. Now, she’s worked back into being pleasant again, and I think I may actually miss her. 🙂 Tell Wine Guy it is worth the money for some peace. And, Wizard may just realize he misses home, too!

  2. How about if you and I go to a month long camp? Maybe it is us that needs an attitude adjustment! (I am sure that is not totally true, but I say we go with that and take off to a far away resort where cabana boy will fetch our beverages!)

  3. I’d give it another go with Wine Guy and try to make him understand. This sounds very dire. I know Wine Guy is a standup guy, but it’s not out of the ordinary for men with SAH wives to just not get this sort of thing. After all, you’re not working – how bad can it be (snort)? I have a friend whose DH didn’t like her sending the kids to camp – he wanted them to have the perfect unstructured summer at home. That summer precipitated her search for a job, as one might well imagine. The next summer, he stayed home. I think it was two weeks before he was begging for camps to open up a spot for his kids. If you can’t get Wizard into sleep away camp, I’d book a very full schedule of day camps.

  4. oh man. if wineguy won’t cough up for sleepaway camp, are there any scholarships? i know around here, there are some jewish orgs which provide scholarships for sleepaway camp. no lie. just to get the kids to go. maybe it’s different where you are, of course.

    otherwise, i agree with CT mom. time to book a VERY heavy sked of summer programs, including before and after care. that will carry you at least from about 7 am through 6 pm.

    either that, or every weekend, you go away and wine guy gets full-tilt wizard for 48 hours. every. weekend.

    hang in there.

    in other news, i have two life in hell’s on my fridge. love them.

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