True to WineGuy’s passive-aggressive form, he came around on the camp issue … two days ago. He wanted me to get Wizard into the first session at a different Jewish camp, Blue Star, in North Carolina. I called Blue Star the following morning and learned there were no spaces available for Wizard in the first session. There is space for him in the second session, but we are supposed to go to Oregon for a family vacation at the end of July. We bought our plane tix months ago. The rep from the camp did say she had a cancellation in Wizard’s age group last week and that she’d keep his name on a waiting list for the first session. Which starts on June 15th.

When will I learn not to react to WineGuy’s mercurial moods? I had a long conversation about this with my friend, Belle, this morning. She’s a member of our book club and a very insightful woman. Her comment was that I need to change my response to WG’s moods. She recommended a book called The Dance of Anger, by Harriet Lerner. I’m going to check it out of the library today.

Dealing with Wizard’s adolescence and WineGuy’s intractability made me very depressed. My mother heard it. My favorite aunt, Aunt Mary, heard it. Calvin and several other Zone friends heard it. Just about everyone reached out with a kind word or suggestion, except for my mother whose only comment was “You’re making a big mistake not sending that child to camp.” No shit, ma. I am grateful to all of them — and you — for raising me up. A hit of Prozac helped, too.


3 thoughts on “Camp

  1. I just recommended The Dance of Anger to my last client.
    I like Harriet Lerner. She’s a good speaker, too.


  2. Oh, I feel for you. The H is similar, I think, to WG, in having huge swings not only of mood but of opinion, i.e., “absolutely no camp!” followed by, “what, are you crazy? of course he should be going to camp! get him into Camp X right now! Why didn’t you do it before!”. It is exhausting to live with, and probably the biggest issue I have with him. I’m going to check out that book, too, because it’s a great truth that while we cannot change other people, we can change our reactions to things (even if we shouldn’t have to, because we’re the sane responsible ones šŸ˜‰ )

  3. PS You moved to wordpress! I just realized that, or anyway just paid attention to it. How was the tech aspect of that for you? Was it hard? Can you recommend a site with good info? I want to get off Blogger and downloaded the WP software but am a little lame about getting it all pulled together…

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