Meant to be a Foodie

Once I heard back from the paper’s Features Editor that she had received my 300-word submission, I emailed her again to say thank you and that I look forward to hearing from her in a few weeks. I also mentioned how challenging it was to limit the application letter to 300 words and that I would have liked to submit a sample restaurant review for her to consider. FE emailed back and told me to submit the review as well. Woohoo! Now I need to polish it.

If that wasn’t a good enough sign, here’s another one. I was killing some time in Barnes & Noble this morning, waiting to fetch Moose from camp. I felt self-conscious about dozing off in their comfy chair, so I got up and browsed through the bargain rack in front of me. While nosing through the cheapo cookbooks —Garlic and Sapphires mostly titles like “101 Things To Make With Campbell’s Soup” (ugh, no) — I found a copy of Ruth Reichl’s Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise. This is her memoir about becoming and serving as the food critic for the venerated New York Times. And, it was marked down from $24.95 to $5.98, less my 10% members’ discount of course. I’ve read about 5-6 pages and have already found several quotes that ring true.

Oooooh,  maybe this foodie thing is bashert . . . “meant to be” in Yiddish.


6 thoughts on “Meant to be a Foodie

  1. It’s like the Jeopardy thing… fast responses are good! Get that review in. I’d also send her a link to your recipe blog, or perhaps some of your recipes, I have a good feeling about this.

  2. Do you need personal references? “I have traveled the US with Alto2 and she has never steered the August Moms wrong!”
    I have my fingers crossed for a positive response and a forthcoming budget to sample the best restaurants your town offers! Good luck!

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