Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Wizard got his first paycheck the other day and was hounding us to take him to cash his check so he could buy an iPod nano. We stalled and stalled him because we bought it for him. However, he’s going on a scavenger hunt today to find it. Why?

It’s Wizard’s 12th birthday! We did a scavenger hunt for him to find a birthday present years ago, but this year he’s really going to work for it. Wizard will have to hunt in twelve different locations around the house and yard to find the item. Here are the clues and where they lead.

  1. The first clue is an old-fashioned “Reward” poster with a picture of young Wizard. “REWARD: For the return of this wonderful little boy. Last seen in front of the television. Dangerous and armed with a wicked intellect. We order you to look in the highest room of the southeast corner of this house.” [We are directing him to look in his bedroom in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.]
  2. “Go to a place where the mirror looks like Erised.” [He should look for the antique gilt mirror in a first-floor bathroom.]
  3. “You’ve gotten the royal flush . . . no heart’s desire here. Try looking in the ‘doghouse’.” [He should go upstairs to Wild Thing’s bedroom which is filled with stuffed doggies.]
  4. “Owoooooo! Only basset hounds allowed. Why don’t you have a byte by the blue rug?” [Go back downstairs to the computer in the playroom, in which there is a blue rug.]
  5. “Baa-ram-ewe. Baa-ram-ewe. Go baaaaaaaack upstairs.” [He needs to figure out the reference to the sheep in the movie “Babe” and to Moose’s lovey, Lambie. The next clue is in Moose’s room.]
  6. “Don’t you feel sheepish? Check the 40,000-gallon water dish.” [This is a reference to the cats’ drinking out of the swimming pool.]
  7. “You’re all wet. Consult Charybdis.” [This is going to take him a while. Wizard studied Greek mythology in school this past year. He learned Charybis was the whirlpool. Hope he’ll figure out to go to the Whirlpool washer.]
  8. “Reduce, re-use, RECYCLE (written in yellow).” [Go to the yellow recycling bin outside of the garage.]
  9. (written in fancy script) “Go somewhere that you can’t sit on the chairs or eat off the plates or use the flatware or drink out of the glasses.” [The dining room.]
  10. “Baby-face, you’ve got the cutest little baby-face.” [To a framed baby picture of Wizard in the living room.]
  11. (featuring Blue’s Clues) “You just got a letter. You just got a letter. You just got a letter. Wonder who it’s from?” [To the mailbox.]
  12. “Look for the gators! Right now and not later. Find something that’s green and so rarely seen. We’ve tried hard to hide — the item inside. It’s really astounding. So, please stop your hounding!” [To the family room shelf on which there are displayed replicas of alligator statues painted as fundraisers for the community. There is a green wooden box next to them in which I was going to put the iPod. Instead, I left another note saying, “Too easy. Look down.” I’m going to wrap the iPod in successively larger boxes until I get to a liquor box. Then, I’ll stash it on the floor way in the back under the television so he has to crawl for it.]

I just came back downstairs from hiding clues in the boys’ rooms. Wild Thing’s room was pretty clean. Moose’s room was a hot mess, so I crept over the crap and placed the clue up high. I taped messages to both of their doors telling them to keep quiet. Wizard’s room was a toxic waste dump, and he was sleeping on the floor. He woke up when I turned on the light in the adjacent bathroom. He wanted to know why I was upstairs, so I lied about hearing the toilet running. I suggested he go to the bathroom and hid the clue while he was in there.

More later on whether the hunt was a hit and about Wizard’s birth story.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Scavenger Hunt

  1. Ack Marcia! Thanks for that reminder!!

    Happy Birthday Wizard! My guy loves scavenger hunts too and it has been a birthday tradition for a very long time. Gets harder and harder to make them up!!

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