Economics in a Nutshell

When I was in law school, I invariably relied on the West Nutshell Series of reference books to provide “succinct exposition of the law … for reliable guidance.” When I could not make sense of administrative law, for example, this little book helped me put the pieces together.

TPGoddess (by way of CT Mom) pointed me to a blog that captures contemporary public policy and economics in a nutshell: Robert Reich’s blog. His recent posts discuss recent job market losses, wage gap and the fuel gap, and offshore drilling — near and dear to this Southwest Floridian’s heart. Reich, being the liberal Democrat that he is, will certainly appeal to my moderate (and hopefully bipartisan) friends. Even if you don’t agree with his public policy stance, you will find each post to be short, informative, and well-written.


One thought on “Economics in a Nutshell

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂 Reich’s blog is indeed one of my “must reads.” He puts it together so succinctly and clearly, even when I’m in over my head on the broader subject matter, I somehow make the connection.

    I’ll admit I became fascinated with him years ago, watching him march in with the other Cabinet members, with his short stature…..very impressive how it never stopped him from achieving his goals – not that it should, but I’m sure he’s had some battles in his life. His resume is astounding.

    Happy reading!

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