Second Blogiversary

Whether you’re a lurker or a regular reader, please wish Tales From The Testosterone Zone a Happy Second Blogiversary! The Zone celebrated two years in cyberspace on June 19, 2008. This blog has seen more than 11,000 hits and had nearly 16,000 page views in that time. One of the stranger visitors was a recent one from Church of the Latter Day Saints home in Salt Lake City, Utah; I can’t imagine what they were searching for. Hits are coming from all over the world: from known friends in Australia and Tasmania, as well as Malaysia, Sweden, the Philippines, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Africa, and all over North America. I hope that more of these hits will turn into readers instead of spam.

A round of thanks and applause to:

Random thoughts . . . exactly one year ago, I was preparing for my Jeopardy! appearance. I woulda, coulda, shoulda divulged my results to my father, despite the show’s prohibition. I am stunned and angry that Wizard did so poorly in school this past year: his 4th quarter GPA was 2.6, and his yearly GPA was 3.1. Even his standardized test scores sucked. I am pleased at how well Wild Thing and Moose did in school this year. They are clearly benefiting from attending Snooty School. I am happy and relieved that WineGuy’s and my marriage is back on track. I never would have suspected how adversely the children’s behavior would affect us. Now we need to work on losing weight and living healthier so we’ll be able to dance at Wizard’s Bar Mitzvah, now scheduled for August 2009.


9 thoughts on “Second Blogiversary

  1. Woo hoo!! Great job! This blogging thing has been oodles of fun. As I told LSM the other day – the funny thing is that while I started my own blog mostly for my August mom friends, my comments largely now come from readers I’ve met in the blog world in the past 3 years.

  2. Congratulations! I celebrated my 4th blogoversary on June 16th. Two boys here…my only daughter is married and out of state, so I dwell in a testosterone zone too with my husband and youngest son.

  3. congrats! i celebrated my 6th blogoversary in march. its hard to believe that we all have things to write about on a regular basis, much less things other people like to read. but you do!!

  4. Happy, happy, happy! Happy Blogiversary, Happy Dance, Happy Sunday-in-the-middle-of-July! A momentous occasion indeed. I cannot believe it’s already been a year since Jeopardy…time is indeed flying…

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